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Tutorial make a graffiti with Corel Draw or Illustrator

By  Muda-Mudi Manunggal Tegalan     10/17/2011    Labels: 

Step 1:
Once you have the RaseOne font family or any of Highgrounds Graffiti Fonts installed on your computer open any suitable graphics application such as Corel Draw, Illustrator which are both included on our Graffiti Fonts CDROM ver. 2.0. This process can be done with any of these applications as well as many others.
Open a new document and type in some sample text in a large point size, like 36 points or larger.

Step 2:
Copy the text twice so that you have three copies.
Note: The RaseOne font family is a 3 font set designed especialy to optimize this process. If you are using a different graffiti font switch all 3 copies to your desired font and procede to step 4

Step 3:
Select the first copy and change the font to "RaseOne-Fill"
Select the Second copy and change the font to "RaseOne-Outline"
Select the Third copy and change the font to "RaseOne-Fat3D"

Step 4:
Space out the 3 copies with one in each style, so you have room to work.
Note: if you are using a font other than the RaseOne family you will use the second and third copies to create your outlines or effects manually.

Step 5:
Begin choosing your desired colors, keeping in mind that you will be combining these fonts together in the next step. Try each copy in a different complimentary color with good contrast.

Step 6:
Copy The "RaseOne-Fill" version of the font and paste it IN FRONT of the "RaseOne-Outline" version. Then paste it again in front of the "RaseOne-Fat3D" version. We are creating a total of 3 variations of this piece at the same time for this demonstration.
Now that you can see how they look together you can adjust the colors to your liking. It is sometimes helpfull to use layers to seperate the outlines from the fills.

Step 7:
With outline styles and fills in place you can then begin to apply effects and filters, paint manually or use strokes and fills to get various color effects.

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