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Create Beautiful Rainbow Island Wallpaper

By  Muda-Mudi Manunggal Tegalan     1/04/2012    Labels: 


Creat a new document (Ctrl+N)

Size at 800x600px or 1024x768px that suitable for your monitor.

Pick Gradient Tool

Choose this gradient from the Gradient Editor

If you can't see this gradient, please go to "Load..." ~> Point to gradient preset folder inside Photoshop folder ~> Load "Special effect"

Hold your left mouse and drag from A to B :

And you'll have this result :


Download and load this brush into your photoshop : Land_brush

Choose any "island" inside this brush set that you like :

I choose this one :

Creat a new layer on the top, brush in the middle :

Creat a new layer and put it under "island layer"

Pick Eliptical Marquee Tool

Make an eliptical selection :

Fill this selection with color #12a80d

Continue making creat new layer and fill selection like this :

Result :


Download and load this brush into your Photoshop : Tree_brush

Pick any brush inside this brush set that you like, creat new layer on the top and start brushing....

Download and load this brush into your Photoshop : AK_VectorPeople

Pick any people you like and put them on the grass :

Download and load this brush into your Photoshop : Cloud Brush

Creat a new layer under "island layer" and brush a little...

You've already finished this tut with sample details.

This is my final result with some other details :
(click on the picture below to see full size)
Download File PSD

You've already finished this tutorial. Good luck!

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